Dr. Shauna provides an integrated overview of the health, wellness, and athletic performance of both horses and companion animals. She brings her training in conventional medicine, pain management, and neurology together with complementary therapies to search outside the usual constraints of health and medical principles to bring new light to old problems.

Her practice entails improving equine performance through acupuncture, chiropractic, postural rehabilitation, hoof and dental balance, nutrition and saddle fit. Equine illnesses such as heaves (COPD or RIA disease), nonsweating and hormonal issues such as reproduction and Cushings are also just a few of the medical issues that she addresses.

Ask her how integrative medicine can help other medical problems bothering your horse or pet. She works with agility dogs, neurologically impaired dogs, as well as animals with debilitating illnesses such as allergies and cancer through nutritional and structural support, acupuncture, chiropractic and complementary (holistic) therapies.

Dr. Shauna encourages her clients to work in conjunction with their conventional veterinarian and other professionals such as the trainer, farrier, and equine dentist. She will coordinate a team approach for your animal’s well-being and treatment. She practices with a strong emphasis on owner education and is available for educational/training appointments (shows, barn, house) and group lectures or clinics.