Stanley Wows Them!

Suzie Kerns winning a Grand Championship in her first show with her first steadfast caretaker, Stanley.

Riley Rocks!!!

Riley is a loving border collie cross who is now crazy happy doing Rally Obedience, winning his first class! His mom is giving up the pharmaceutical statistical world and is learning Food therapy for people.

Go Susan and Riley!

Dr. Shauna in Austria

Dr. Shauna recently traveled in July to Vienna, Austria to speak at the Equine Back Pain Days hosted by Arbeitgruppe Pfeide. This was a three day workshop designed to give experienced practicioners cutting edge surgical, medical and holistic information and hands-on experience with the diagnosis and management of equne back pain. She can’t wait to return!

Cindy Leaps Ahead!

Cindy Lou Who and Jody Harwood. Cindy is a Holsteiner who thought she might be a hunter but is excelling as a very pretty and capable eventer!

Zeus is Remembered

George Lukasic’s Zeus (in the middle) was a brave and loving Mastiff. He suffered a car accident and his rehabilitation and owner’s dedication was bringing him back quickly from spinal and head trauma. He sadly passed from a rapidly growing and bleeding heart tumor. George has another mastiff but none can take Zeus’ place.

View the featured article here.

“Jerry Murray Playing!” Video

If you are wondering if your dog can have quality of life with only three legs, please watch this video. Chiropractic, acupuncture, good nutrition, exercise and a happy environment can maintain them in great body condition. Courtesy of Marilyn Varnberg, of Greyhound Adoptions of Florida

No, I’m not Mr. Ed!

Or am I?